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 The Rocket Award

We want to give as many opportunities as possible for our athletes to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves.  The Rocket Award of a $1000 scholarship to post secondary education will be given to two graduating athletes each year and recognizes the incredible achievement of these individuals, but we will not give it to just anyone.  These are the requirements:

1. They must have played at least 4 seasons with the Rockets teams. 

2. They must have worked hard to achieve honourable mention in school.

3. They must be respectful, to coaches, referees, fans, and the other team. 

4. They must be a good teammate, and being a good teammate means not only looking out for your teammates, but showing up to practice and games to show respect for their time. 

5. They must have faithful attendance, there are legitimate excuses for missing practices, and there are not.  We understand that there are more important things in life than basketball, but we also understand when someone is just being lazy :)

6. They must work hard in practices, games, and skills camps, showing leadership through that hard work.


     Rocket Award Recipients
                    2018 - Jessica Yerichuk               

    Jessica played for the Rockets for 8 seasons!!  There is no person more deserving of this award than Jessica.  If I was asked to give an example of someone who embodies what it means to be a Rocket, Jessica would be that example.  She has an incredible attitude and works hard at everything she does all while being a fantastic teammate and showing respect for everyone invloved in the game of basketball.  She is a wonderful young woman and it truly is a privilege to present her with this award!  Thank you Jess!  Congrats!

                    2018 - Kylee Hammel             

    Kylee played for the Rockets for 4 seasons and it was a pleasure to have her as part of the team!  She has a great never-give-up attitude and is just an overall kind-hearted young lady.  She was a wonderful teammate and was a joy to coach!  I would have her on my team any day!  She has proven that she also deserves the "Rocket" Award!  Congrats Kylee and best of luck with what comes next :)

                    2017 - Maria Brouwer                

    Maria played for the Rockets for 4 seasons, all the while proving how much of an asset she was to her team.  With her incredible attitude, speed and defensive prowess, she was a leader that helped her team through good and bad times.  She was a joy to coach, a great teammate, and worked hard in everything which she was involved so we always knew she was giving it her all.  Maria is truly a wonderful person and extremely worthy of being the first year recipient of "The Rocket Award"

                    2017 - Hannah Grantham             

    Hannah played for the Rockets for 4 seasons, swatting opponents shots away with regularity.  She once had 10 blocked shots in a game!  Hannah showed how much she cared for and respected her teammates by always showing up for practices and games.  She had a great attitude, work ethic and provided her teammates with some great memories!  Hannah was a pleasure to coach and is definitely worthy of being the first year recipient of
    "The Rocket Award"



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